Journée d'études "Art and Protest(s)" - Intervention de Florence Pellegry Feb. 19, 2021

Journée d'études "Art and Protest(s)" - Vendredi 19 février 2021. 

Enregistrement de l'intervention de Florence Pellegry : “British First Wave Feminism: Art and the right to Vote (1903- 1918)”

Focusing mainly on gaining women the right to vote, British first wave feminists have gone down in history as some of the most noticeable precursors of modern-day political activism. This lecture will look at how innovative this type of militancy was at the time, focusing on the strategies put in place to sensitize millions of men and women to the cause. Exposed to sexism and misogyny, first-wave feminists resorted to a highly recognizable combination of militant activism and visual propaganda. We will look at both recognised works of arts and the myriad of images the militants quite often anonymously produced mostly in the form of witty and sometimes shocking poster designs and postcards.

This series of events is mainly intended for Masters’ students in English studies wishing to take the CAPES selective examination in English. The exam syllabus covers five themes, two  of which are changed every other year.  This first event took place in February 2021 and was devoted to ‘Art and Protest(s) ’.

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